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"How I Got Rid of My Elbow Pain In Less Than a Month

Using Nothing But A Broomstick and 5 Minutes of My Time"





Discover How I Finally Got Rid of My Aching Elbow Pain... And How After Months of Battling the Pain and Misery I Eventually Cured My Tennis Elbow Completely In Less Than a Month.



If you're thinking about using anti-inflammatory pills, getting painful injections, or paying a physical therapist $100's of dollars for a bunch of visits to cure your elbow pain, I'm extremely relieved that you've found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save you time, frustration, misery, money and a ton of heart ache.

I will tell you exactly why over a 6 month period I struggled trying to fix my elbow pain, but was forced to give up with no success... I tried anti-inflammatory pills, cortisone injections.... I bought an elbow brace, went to a physical therapist, and even considered surgery... you name it, I did it (or almost did it)... and sadly nothing seemed to work ... Until I found this cool program (it was my last resort before going under the knife), I thought my elbow pain would NEVER go away... Below I'll tell you how I've finally managed to eliminate the pain completely and get on with my life with a unique program called the Elbow Pain Solution

now I get to play with my kids, hang out with my buddies, and even do fun stuff like sledding down the hill in my back yard without worrying if I'm gonna land wrong or hurt myself :)


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My name's Mike McCarthy and like a lot of people who end up with elbow pain, I had no clue how it happened. I just woke up one day and my elbow hurt like crazy. Since I'm fairly active doing stuff like playing with my kids, gardening, working out, playing golf, and working around the house... well, any one of those things could have caused my tennis elbow pain.

To be quite honest, I didn't really care WHAT caused the pain, all I knew is that it hurt really, really bad... and I wanted to get rid of it NOW.

After a few days, the pain never went away, so I started popping asprin and aleeve to help the pain. Which, worked a little at first... But after a week or so, it just made me feel uneasy popping pills every day. I'm not a doctor, so l didn't know what real damage I was doing to my internal organs by taking these pills several times a day...  


The Vicious Cycle - Pain, Pain, and More Never-Ending Pain

I was so frustrated with the effect of this elbow pain had on my daily life. I mean, if your elbow hurts like mine did, you know what I mean. I couldn't do normal everyday things.. I couldn't play golf. I couldn't play with my kids... And I couldn't even help my wife carry the groceries into the house without excrutiating pain... Heck... at on point, I couldn't even drink coffee using my right arm. I was in a mess and it didn't look like it was gonna go away any time soon.


The Elbow Brace I Thought Would Work

I tried using a few different kinds of elbow braces, and some of them seemed to work. But it was almost as if it worked sometimes, and sometimes it didn't. And even though it'd help the pain a little, and I was told it'd help fix it for good, oddly enough, I'd still get sharp striking pains even when I wore it.

So, then I tried heat and ice along with wearing the brace.... I tell ya.. that kinda worked too, but then my elbow would start pounding again after a little while. I used ice, heat and elbow braces for about 6 weeks before I decided to take the next step & go to the doctor.


The Doctor Visits Weren't Exactly the Answer I thought They'd Be.

After about 3 months of continuous pain, I decided something had to be done, so off to the doctor I went. Hoping he could give me some exercises or some magic pills to get rid of my tennis elbow, it's hardly what happened.

After looking at my elbow and assessing the movement and pain, he came at me with this HUGE friggin' needle...

"WHOOAH, Doc?! What the Heck is That!?!?" I screamed

It was a big fat needle filled with cortisone. He said it was supposed to act as an "anti-inflammatory" or something and help cure the tennis elbow pain. So Conceded... whatever.. just make the pain go away.



4 Doctor Visits, and 3 Injections Later...

The pain was still as strong as ever. Apparently, the cortisone isn't a cure all, because it'd help for a few days, and then the shooting pains would slowly resurface.

So, after analyzing everything, Dr. Lewis recommended surgery to help release the tension. Whoah. Surgery. Look, I'm no dummy. Doctors make big bucks to do surgery, so 1 recommendation wasn't gonna put me under the knife. Plus one of my golfing buddies had tennis elbow surgery, and he hasn't been the same since. So, as you can imagine, I was extremely hesitant.


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The Program that turned my life around


Epiphanies come in strange ways sometimes, and mine came when I was browsing the internet.  I was flipping through the day after I realized I was hopeless when it came to fixing my elbow pain.  I stopped when I saw a Success story in USA Today. I decided to click on the link and read for a few minutes.

Those few minutes changed my life.  It was a story of how Todd Scott helped a guy get rid of his elbow pain in like 2 weeks or something, and I quickly became interested in how he did it.  It was almost as if the story leading up to his success was about me.  He was discussing how to stop elbow pain in its tracks with a consistent methodical plan, and I needed to learn about that more than ever.

He started talking about this program called The Tennis Elbow Solution I listened as he said that the program would:

  • Give Me Instant Pain Relief

  • Build upon each day to make sure the pain doesn't come back

  • Help the inflammation go down almost immediately

  • Methodically cure my elbow pain... with just a broomstick and 5 minutes of my time

I was immediately interested.  After all, USA today seems as if it can be trusted. They've never steered me wrong before.  PLUS I wanted to give it one last shot before I went to the surgery room.. What Did I have to lose? And they never just jump on the bandwagon to endorse a product.

Then, and I found another reason to get the The Tennis Elbow Solution programI could try it FREE for 7 Days... and if it didn't work, I could just cancel the order. So, if the program really did produce immediate relief, I couldn't go wrong.

Todd was not done with me yet.  I was surfing the internet the next day, and it was as if it was meant to be.  There was Todd again.  I was immediately interested in what he had to say.

Todd said that people go about trying to fix their tennis elbow the wrong way, by taking too many pills that don't work, getting ineffective injections, and paying physical therapists out the nose... and basically following programs that just don't work.  If they are going to get rid of their elbow pain, they really need a proven, field tested plan to methodically stop tennis elbow pain dead in its tracks. He recommended using his Tennis Elbow Solution program to learn how to knock out the pain immediately using just a broomstick a few minutes a day. 

Thatís when it finally dawned on me.  With the Tennis Elbow Solution Program, I could finally get on track and actually get my life back.



Starting with the Tennis Elbow Solution Program


I went straight to his website and downloaded the free trial of his Tennis Elbow Solution program knowing that if it didn't work, I'd never have to pay a penny. After signing up and verifying my credit card stuff, I got immediate access to download his program.  I couldnít wait to get started. I was so excited when I opened up the manuals, I got started with the program the exact same day.



My Results


After just the first few simple exercises, I could literally feel the pain going away. I couldn't believe it, but also knew that I'd had relief pretty quick with other things too, but it always came back within a day or so. I was still skeptical, but was determined to see if this Todd guy was just a scam or if it was the real deal.


Over the next few days I kept doing his simple little exercises, and the pain seemed like it was slowly going away... After 2 weeks, my elbow pain was almost completely gone, but I kept up the program just like he suggested. Before the 3rd week was over, my elbow pain was gone!!


It was a miracle, and I'm DANG glad I didn't listen to my doctor, because who knows what would have happened had I had surgery..: here's a quick timeline of getting rid of my elbow pain:

  • Day 1: Immediate relief after doing a few of the exercises (Still skeptical)

  • Day 5: Elbow pain had diminished a great bit. I was finally able to help my wife carry in the groceries without my elbow POUNDING

  • Day 14: The elbow pain was nearly gone, but I could still feel it a little (by this time I KNEW it was gonna work.

  • Day 27: I hit the golf course with my buddies without a single twinge or pain in my elbow. (the skepticism was gone. It was official: This program worked and most importantly I had gotten my life back!)


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What seemed to be so different with this program was that a major consideration was how to go about healing the elbow pain without causing more damage. I still can't believe I discovered an almost unbelievable way to cure my Tennis Elbow Pain in a completely natural way without gobs of pills and that was even better than all those expensive doctor visits.



Here's why I recommend the Tennis Elbow Solution program

The reason why I recommend Tennis Elbow Solution is because I have literally tried everything you can imagine short of surgery. Nearly ALL of it produced relief in one way or another. BUT the pain came back every single time within just a few days. 

Although it did take me longer than I would have liked, my elbow pain is gone for good. It's been about 3 months since I started using Tennis Elbow Solution, and once the pain was completely eliminated, it Never came back (knock on wood). I've been playing golf, hanging out with my kids, and working aroun the house pain free for 3 months since the Tennis Elbow Solution fixed my elbow pain. 

Not only in my opinion, but I have experienced proof, that this system is far more superior than anything you will find. Even if you go to a doctor you're only going to get temporary relief that'll cost $100+ dollars a pop. Just sayin, you can try this program for free, and if you don't get instant relief, you're not out anything. It can't get any more simple than that.

Anyway, I hope you've found my story useful whatever your situation because if I had known about Tennis Elbow Solution a few months back, I would have fixed my elbow pain LONG ago, and wouldn't have spent over $1,174 bucks (and some change) going to doctors, buying arm straps, and having to endure horrible injections....but whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck!


Mike McCarthy


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Wow, this sounds great.  I just ordered my free trial.  Iíll keep you guys posted.


This is unbelievable!  I started this program just 10 days ago, and my elbow pain is almost gone, and I feel better than ever!


So your pain never came back?


@Tom- nah, i just kept at the program a few minutes a day (and whenever I thought about it), and got instant relief. I could sort of feel it slowly going away, so I just kept at it. And a little over 3 weeks later, I hit the golf course like a mad man :-)


Iím going to try this.  I have tried every kind of "solution" there is from arm bands to physical therapy, and nothing seems to work.  I just ordered my free trial and Iím pumped to get going.  I need something that can give me my life back


One of my friends tried this and was back on the tennis courts within 2 weeks. Now that Iíve hurt my arm in the garden, Iím going to try it too.


I downloaded my free trial about 30 minutes ago (holy crap!). My tennis elbow is already feeling instant relief,  I just hope it stays that way. I'll keep ya posted


@Frank-As long as you use it every day, your elbow pain won't come back. Thatís the great thing about this course.  It doesnít take long at all to start working.  Just make sure you follow the system and you'll be golden.


I actually used this program too.  It's a great systematic approach.  I tried it and I saw results right away.  One of my league teammates was using it and it was working, so I decided to give it a try myself.  Iím glad I did.


I saw this on TV, and I have been thinking about it ever since.  Now, Iím finally going to order it and give it a try.  It seems like everyone who uses it has success and I need to find something that will work for my elbow.  Wish me luck!


@Ted-Good luck Ted!  Just follow along as directed and Iím sure you will get relief within hours.  You will definitely be able to get your life back and start doing the things you love again! Good luck!  Just remember, use the maverick system, too.


Everyone with elbow should try this.  It really works.  I was skeptical at first, but then I was amazed.  It really did an amazing job, my elbow pain started going away within hours!


My uncle started using this, and he said it was amazing.  His elbow has been bothering him for months, and thank goodness he found this system, now he can finally hit the golf course with me!


I just ordered mine and I canít wait.  This is going to be great.  Some of my friends have used it and they have had a lot of success, so now itís my turn!

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